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Miniature Goldendoodles

**Our summer & fall 2022 reservation list is open! If you would like to place a deposit and get on our reservation list, please reach out for more information. If you simply want to be added to our notification list, please email your contact information.**

2022 Summer Litter Rough Timeline

  • January 2022- breeding starts

    Kami – breeding complete

  • April 2022 – Pregnancies should be able to be confirmed

    Kami- pregnancy confirmed

  • May 2022 – Puppies to be born

    Kami- DOB:4/29/22, 530am-9am (1 girl, 4 boys)

  • June/July 2022 – Puppy selection starts and puppies to start going home 2 weeks after selection.

    Kami- selection complete by 6/10/22, go home starting 6/24/22

*CURRENT LITTER* 2022 Summer Litter Photo Album

Kami’s Mini F1b Litter, DOB: 04/29/2022, Go Home: 06/24/2022 – 1 boy available

Reservation List

*Active* Spring 2022 & Later (Available Slots)

  1. Laura McAndrew, Texas
    • requires smallest girl, requires puppy in 2023
  2. Aruni Ahilan, New York
    • prefers curly/wavy coat, requires puppy from fall
  3. Erin Callahan, California
    • prefers boy, lighter color straighter/wavy coat, smaller, requires puppy from fall
  4. Sophia Patel, Illinois
    • prefers boy, larger darker curly coat, waiting for Kami’s litter
  5. Renee Wenz, Ohio
    • prefers apricot shades, waiting for Kami’s litter, okay with fall
  6. Paola Granja, Illinois
    • requires a boy, prefers smallest boy from Chloe or Mazy, waiting till fall
  7. Tonya Riedl, Iowa
    • prefers smallest boy from Mazy or Chloe, curly/wavy, medium/light color, requires puppy from fall
  8. Christina Walczyk, New York
    • requires boy from Chloe’s fall 2022 litter
  9. Phil Milstein, Massachusetts
    • prefers girl from Kami’s litter if available
  10. Diana Apanovich, California
    • prefers a smaller boy from Kami’s litter
  11. –OPEN FOR SUMMER 2022–
  12. –OPEN FOR FALL 2022–
  13. –OPEN FOR FALL 2022–
  14. –OPEN FOR FALL 2022–
  15. –OPEN FOR FALL 2022–
  16. –OPEN FOR FALL 2022–
  17. –OPEN FOR FALL 2022–
  18. –OPEN FOR FALL 2022–
  19. –OPEN FOR FALL 2022–
  20. –OPEN FOR FALL 2022–

Kami’s Selection List

  1. Girl – to be selected by active reservation list
  2. Boy1 -Sophia Patel, selected smallest boy
  3. Boy2 – to be selected by active reservation list
  4. Boy3 – to be selected by active reservation list
  5. Boy4 – to be selected by active reservation list

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General Information

Please contact us soon if you might be interested in one of our mini golden doodle puppies. We will discuss several things and make sure you are prepared for a new goldendoodle puppy!