More Goldendoodle Information & Fees

What All Our Puppies Come With

  1. An adorable & healthy teddy bear mini goldendoodle!
  2. Weekly wormer with record
  3. Internal & external parasite preventative with record
  4. Nobivac vaccination with record
  5. Certified health certificate from our veterinarian
  6. Registered micro-chip w/ ownership transferred to new parents
  7. Potty trained to go outdoors (Most owners report zero accidents at new home and transition takes 1-3 days!!)
  8. Socialized by children, adults and larger dogs
  9. Early obedience training started (discourage biting & jumping, encourage friendly play-time and relax-time)
  10. Puppy food sample
  11. Snuggle go home blanket with siblings scent
  12. 2-year all-inclusive genetic health guarantee

Our Process

  1. Contact us for more information about our puppies and find out availability. We will try to guide you to the best of our ability and answer any questions you might have.
  2. When you are ready to move forward with adopting a puppy, a $750 non-refundable (transferable) deposit is required to hold your spot in the litter and your reservation. Payment for this will typically be done using our online payment system which gives a variety of payment options. Gender selection is required at this time to help future customers know what will be available for them.
  3. From when the puppies are born to the time of selection we typically take updated pictures every (1) to (2) weeks.
  4. We will typically wait until our puppies are (6) weeks old to start the puppy selection process. At that time we take individual pictures and start the selection process in the order of the reservations. We will give each customer ample time to make their decision. Local customers will typically select in person, while distant customers will select from pictures and videos.
  5. Also when the puppies are (6) weeks old we require final payment, which can be paid in person using a personal check or credit card using our online payment system.
  6. When our puppies are (7) to (8) weeks old we schedule a vet health checkup, obtain a Health Certificate, and micro-chip each puppy.
  7. Anytime after (8) weeks old our puppies are free to go to their new homes if they have adapted well after they have been weaned from their mother. At this time we have our customers sign our purchase agreement which is required to validate our two-year genetic health guarantee.

Current Fees

  • 3450 Adoption Fee (split up as follows)
    • 750 Deposit (due immediately)
    • 2700 Final Payment (due when the puppies are (6) weeks old or immediately if the puppies are older than (6) weeks)
  • 7% Sales Tax (241.50) if picked up in the state of Iowa. This is waived if delivery is made out of state or air shipping
  • Shipping/Delivery Options
    • 300 Delivery – less than (2) hours
    • 700 air shipping to a nearby airport in airline pet safe cargo section
    • 1500 air shipping to a nearby airport in airline cabin with Puppy Nanny (estimated, please request quote if interested)

Payment Options

  • Online Payment System – Website Checkout
  • Venmo (waives 3% processing fee)
    • Contact Kory for more information.